Uniformed Division

For Marshall County, uniformed patrol deputies are the most visible symbols of county government. The dedicated men and women devote their energies to protecting and serving the citizens of Marshall County through “routine patrol”. Services provided by the Uniformed Division take many forms, such as, civil process, service of warrants, victim assistance, traffic control, and making arrests. Deputies also work to build community confidence by showing that presence of uniformed deputies make a difference in the rural parts of the county.

Marshall County in divided into four geographical areas by the Sheriff’s Office and deputies are assigned to each area. Currently deputies work a 12 hour shift on a rotating schedule, which allows deputies to concentrate their efforts in the areas to which they are assigned and to get to know citizens and business owners within those areas. There is an over-lapping shift each day to handle calls for service that may arise during shift change, thereby providing continuous 24/7 coverage of Marshall County.

Also within the Uniformed Division are the functions of the Court Division, which is responsible for transporting inmates to and from court appearances and to and from other jail facilities; the transport of mental patients to court hearings, or transport to mental health hospitals across the State of Alabama; and the transport juvenile defendants to and from court and to juvenile detention facilities located across the state. School Resource Officers are also assigned to the Uniformed Division. These deputies are in constant contact with children and school officials that are located within Marshall County School System to offer whatever assistance available; this may include the teaching of classes, talking with parents of students or acting as a liaison between the Sheriff’s Office and the different schools so that problems can be acted on in an efficient manner.

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office also has Reserve Deputy program that is managed by Chief Deputy Randy Amos. Currently there 20 individuals that participate in the program on a volunteer basis. This is a non-payed position and these individuals are dedicated to assisting the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office in their day to day operations.